KIMBLE® KONTES® General Distillation Apparatus, Stopper Size: 22

  • Flask has a flat bottom and a distillation head with a 19/38 joint
  • Supplied with a Standard Taper stopper
  • Condenser is Graham-style, having a 200 mm jacket with a 19/38 joint at the top only
  • For method, reference APHA Examination of Water and Wastewater: Method 4500-NH3 nitrogen (ammonia) in purified drinking water, natural water, and highly purified wastewaters (concentration < 2ug/L)
  • Method calls for use with tall form 50 mL Nessler Tubes (45315A-50 & 4531B-50)
  • Manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass conforming to USP Type I and ASTM E438, Type I, Class A requirements
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