KIMBLE® 6" Short Cone Oil Centrifuge Tube, Lazer-Fused™, Case of 6, 200%

  • Calibrated to contain
  • Scale and legend are durable white ceramic enamel
  • 45243-200 and 45243LF-200 are graduated in %. 100 mL equals 200%
  • 45243LF-100 and 45243LF-200 feature our proprietary Lazer-Fused™ technology for durable and precise marking and outstanding volumetric accuracy.
  • Top is tooled to accept snap cap 28150R-6
  • Manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass conforming to USP Type I and ASTM E438, Type I, Class A requirements
$450.44 USD/Case of 6
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