Explore our range of products designed to improve safety in the lab. Our lab safety products have a badge system, ensuring you can select the safest equipment for your requirements.

Built Stronger 

Designed with greater levels of robustness and durability

Safer Handling

Designed to ensure easier handling and use during day to day lab work

Spill Protection

Designed to reduce the risk of accidental spills or leakages

UV Protection 

Designed to protect contents from UV light damage

Lab Safety Categories

Plastic Coated Glassware

Combining the best of both worlds to keep you, and the contents you are working with, safe in the lab

Pressure Resistant Laboratory Bottles

A safer option for laboratory applications that involve a vacuum or pressure

Bottle Carrying Systems

A safe and convenient way to transport bottles containing large volumes of liquid

Cryogenic Vials

Unrivaled shipping and storage for precious valuable biosamples

Safety Venting Wash Bottles

Wash bottles with a patent venting valve that reduces the risk of solvent drips

Jointed Glassware Clips

A safe connection for jointed glassware assemblies in the lab

Heavy Duty Labware

Labware with a higher mechanical strength, designed to withstand the stresses and strains of regular use

Silicone Lids

A safe and sustainable way of covering laboratory containers of different shapes and sizes

Leak Resistant Bottles

A premium range of leak resistant bottles featuring a double seal closure to ensure valuable contents are not wasted and hazardous solutions do not spill

Plastic Screwthread Connectors

Ensuring a secure connection between glassware and tubing for assemblies in the lab

Conical Base HPLC Reservoir Bottles

Enabling the safest and most efficient delivery of the mobile phase to HPLC analyzers

Ergonomic Laboratory Bottles

An ergonomic take on the traditional glass laboratory bottle, designed with safety in mind

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