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With ready-to-use primary packaging for drug products, DWK Life Sciences introduces customized solutions

The new WHEATON® CompletePAK combines vials, stoppers, and seals in kits fit for use in cleanrooms

MILLVILLE, NJ, November 5, 2019 — DWK Life Sciences, the world’s largest manufacturer of precision labware, introduces WHEATON® CompletePAK, a customizable collection of commonly used vials, stoppers and seals that are shipped sterile and delivered ready-to-use with USP certifications for traceability. Designed for use in drug discovery, small-batch drug packaging and compound pharmacy operations, CompletePAK products are packed for safe entry into cleanrooms and rapid integration with existing sterile workflows, freeing customer’s time and resources so they can focus on core competencies – research, development and compounding. DWK Life Sciences makes it easy to specify containers, closures, system preparations (such as particulate cleaning, depyrogenation and surface treatment), packaging, quality certifications and delivery options: Popular product combinations are available off-the-shelf. For custom configurations, DWK Life Sciences provides expert support and single SKU catalog numbers for ordering ease. Proven to optimize your productivity, CompletePAK kits simplify supply chain management and regulatory compliance by establishing a single source for primary packaging and products complete with traceability documentation.

“We saw the advantages of combining vials, stoppers and seals in kits under a single order number for our customer’s workflow, but it really came together when we added our pre-treatment options, USP certifications and Container Closure Integrity (CCI) Testing,” said Rick Schwartz, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at DWK Life Sciences. “Because our CompletePAK kits became so popular, we added ModPAK kits, which contain a larger quantity of ready-to-use, clear glass vial, stopper and seal configurations for larger-scale workflows,” he added. 

WHEATON CompletePAK kits (see clear and amber videos) are currently available in over 50 preconfigured, off-the-shelf kits. Kit components include clear or amber glass serum vials with 2 mL, 5 mL or 10 mL volumes; 13 mm and 20 mm Ultra Pure, Omni Flex and Igloo Lyo stoppers, and 13 mm and 20 mm Flip seals in red or blue. Pre-treated and sterilized components are packaged in autoclavable bags for entry into cleanroom environments. Each kit contains matched quantities of vials, stoppers and seals minimizing the potential for waste, while the kit’s consolidated packaging maximizes cleanroom space. CompletePAK kits for drug research labs fit under standard fume hoods to maintain aseptic conditions, and kits intended for compounding pharmacies meet or exceed USP Standards allowing compliance with FDA 503c guidelines.

Customers have a choice of starting their CompletePAK order on a convenient web interface WHEATON® CompletePAK or WHEATON® CompletePAK Amber by contacting their DWK Life Sciences representative.


About DWK Life Sciences

DWK Life Sciences is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of premium glass, plastics, custom configurations and packaging solutions, combining the strengths of three global leading brands: DURAN®, WHEATON®, and KIMBLE®. The Company’s products and services offer global customers the most comprehensive range of labware for scientific research and analytical applications, as well as solutions for storage and packaging. With a global manufacturing footprint and extensive distribution network, DWK Life Sciences enables customers to accelerate the pace of research, discovery and scientific applications while providing supply chain security.



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