Limited Time Promotion

DWK Life Sciences Genius Bottle

Nikola Tesla

Isaac Newton

Marie Curie

To celebrate the work of leading scientific figures, DWK Life Sciences has produced a second, limited edition Genius bottle range.

The DURAN® YOUTILITY® Genius Edition 2 500ml bottles contain all the benefits of the standard DURAN YOUTILITY® range and feature designs of three inspiring scientists. They are:

  • Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943), known for his contribution to alternative current (AC) electric supply.
  • English mathematician, physicist and astronomer Isaac Newton (1643 – 1727), known for his work on calculus, and his laws of motion and universal gravitation.
  • Polish-French physicist and chemist Marie Curie (1867 – 1934), known for her pioneering research on radioactivity, who is celebrated with a second Genius Edition bottle to mark her achievement of holding two Nobel Prizes in different scientific fields.

These limited-edition bottles are yours to collect while stocks last!

You can obtain yours through a select number of participating DWK Life Sciences distributors, by reaching a set purchase value of DWK products, as defined by the distributor.

Contact your local distributor today to check availability of the promotion.



Participating distributor terms and conditions apply. Offer available while stocks last.