Here at DWK Life Sciences we’re dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive range of analytical and production applications and accompanying technical support. From drug discovery to environmental testing to final production, we've structured our solutions to support the science and biopharmaceutical community, facilitate continuous improvement, and streamline processes in labs and production centers around the world.


  • Ultimate cryogenic biobanking solutions for your sterile/non-sterile needs.
  • Labeled, colored, and partitioned boxes for dependably batching and storing samples.
  • 2D barcode readers for easily managing single vials or entire boxes.

Biological Sciences

  • Glass and plastic products to reliably isolate, store, track, prep, analyze, and commercialize.
  • Chemical and biological kits, lab sets, liquid handling, and equipment solutions.
  • USP-compliant, validation-ready, traceable and scalable biologic bottle systems you can depend on.

BioPharma Packaging

  • Solutions for the scale-up and production of reagents, compounding, and parenteral pharmaceuticals.
  • Ready-to-Use products with flexible configuration, purchase, and stocking options.
  • Design, evaluation, and bulk production container and closure solutions.

Cell Culture

  • Bioreactors, flasks, bottles, vials, and media to reliably incubate, grow, and collect cells.
  • Liquid handling, stirrers, tubes, stainingware, and tissue grinders to consistently process cells.
  • Roller racks and incubators to meet bench top to production scale needs.


  • Jointed glass components connected to easily construct laboratory apparatus.
  • Ideal for extraction, reflux, fractionation, and distillation.
  • A comprehensive selection of flasks, joints, adapters, and condensers.


  • Research or routine analysis, Certified Class 10K Clean vials optimize outcomes.
  • Vials for HPLC/GC and 96-well plates in a range of volumes from 150 uL to 60 mL.
  • HPLC reservoirs, columns, NMR tubes, and TLC equipment for reliable separation performance.

Diagnostic Packaging

  • Storage and production solutions for immunoassays, diagnostics, and microbiologics.
  • Ready-to-Use products include flexible configuration, purchase, and stocking options.
  • Chemical-resistant micro to macro storage, transport, and dispensing volumes.

Drug Discovery

  • Solutions for the development and production of biotherapeutics, bulk intermediates, or APIs.
  • Ready-to-Use products with flexible configuration, purchase, and stocking options.
  • Supports high temperature and cold storage workflows from development through production.


  • Wide range of solutions for water and waste water testing labs.
  • Product design and manufacturing tailored to meet regulatory guidelines required for EPA methods.
  • Supports every environmental application with comprehensive, economical range of glass and plastics.

Food & Beverage

  • Comprehensive selection of glassware for dairy industry.
  • Craft brewing kits designed to support popular methods.
  • Glass and plastic ware for convenient sampling, storing, and analyzing.

Forensics & Toxicology

  • Collection and storage solutions help defend sample integrity.
  • Vials offered in Certified, glass, plastic or 96-well plates with serial closures.
  • Serialized & Certified chemistry glassware ensures precision, security and traceability.


  • ABO typing tubes ensure patient safety during transfusion procedures.
  • Heparinized tubes are precision molded to provide excellent sample retention.
  • ESR products offer simple, safe and accurate method for testing.


  • Furnishing a uniform vial able to maintain sample integrity.
  • Wide selection of staining dishes and Coplin jars to support any contract-enhancing procedure.
  • Providing quality storage in cryogenic temperatures.

Liquid Handling

  • Expanded selection of precision liquid handling instruments and equipment.
  • Combines high-tech materials with user-friendly ergonomics.
  • Enables easy liquid management with accurate and precise results.


  • Autoclavable vacuum microfiltration assembly conveniently manufactured with filter in place.
  • Serological pipets resistant to scratching and chemical attack.
  • Filter support screen designed for analysis of particulate or microbiological contamination.

Petrochemical & Chemical

  • Glassware designed for specific oil and petroleum testing methods.
  • Marking and graduations have superior resistance to aggressive solvents.
  • Instrumentation and glassware ideal for cyanide, ammonia, and phenol.